Funeral, Funeral Arrangements, Funeral Planning for a Senior Loved One

Funeral, Funeral Arrangements, Funeral Planning for a Senior Loved One

The Funeral

It is never too late to plan ahead for the inevitable. That is, until it IS too late and the future arrives without any pre plan in place. For those agreeable to entertaining the thoughts of their funeral and making arrangements in advance, here are recommendations to make the process go more smoothly for everyone involved.

Wiki.utep.edu Recommended Actions

Wiki.utep.edu iterates that there are some key steps anyone can take to prepare for a loved ones funeral, and avoid unnecessary expenses and heartache.

  1. Determine the type of service they prefer and what it will cost. Estimating the cost is critical to ensuring you adequately prepare for the financial aspect of the funeral.
  2. Document final wishes and how they would like to be remembered. An end of life planning guide is perfect. In the end, documenting final wishes in any capacity will go a long way at preventing survivors from having to make these choices on their own during a time of great emotional distress.
  3. Prepare financially for the final expenses. Buying some form of burial insurance for seniors to specifically cover the cost of the funeral is a warranted suggestion.

Funeral Planning Guide

Our free Personal Funeral Planning Guide allows you to plan your funeral as you wish, no surprises or expensive arrangements. Answer the questions and your thoughts and wishes will be recorded. It is a complete guide for planning your funeral in keeping with what you want.

Our Final Needs Planning Program allows Canadian Seniors to Pre Plan and Pre Pay for Funerals and final expenses at low monthly costs.Our Consultants provide free advice, with customizable final needs plans for all situations. We take family dynamics and financial health into consideration, as well. These plans start as low as $5 per month, payments made for a specific period never go up. Your plan grows tax free and money in your plan is also sheltered, keeping it out of the reach of nursing homes, lawyers and estate fees. Everyone is accepted, no medical exam is ever required. All of our plans are backed by Assurant Life of Canada, as well.

Taking these steps will give peace of mind to both the senior adult and the caretaker. When that day comes, both parties will be able to take great comfort knowing these matters were resolved long ago.

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